Understanding your business or personal goals allows us to apply and take advantage of the ever changing tax laws.

At ls and company, we provide a full array of income and estate tax planning, consulting and compliance services. Our quality tax services provide our clients with the informed guidance needed to navigate through the ever changing and complex tax laws. Whether providing tax planning and preparation services to individuals, partnerships, S corporations, limited liability corporations, C corporations, estates or trusts, our professionals take a personalized approach to client service and creative strategies designed to reduce tax liabilities.

We believe in a two-phase approach to tax planning. The first phase is for your professional team to take responsibility for understanding your business, anticipating your needs and being proactive with informing you of new accounting pronouncements or tax law changes that impact you as well being proactive in coordinating quarterly estimate computations and at least annual meetings to review current results, new accounting issues and their federal and state tax implications. We feel it is our responsibility to serve your needs for items that we should be able to anticipate. The second phase is to provide well thought out, creative and timely advice for specific business issues, goals and or transactions that impact your business and personal tax positions that we would be unable to anticipate.
We take pride in our business acumen and feel our clients are well served by this approach to tax planning.

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