Do you have a property that needs professional management?

At ls and company, we manage various commercial properties throughout the Tampa Bay area including office buildings, industrial warehouse space, and retail space.

We offer a variety of property management services to assist with your commercial property management and rental needs. Examples of these services include the following:

  • Financial Operations – Ensuring that all rent and common area maintenance charges (CAM) and other fees are collected; payment of mortgages, taxes, insurance premiums and maintenance bills; banking functions.
  • Lease Maintenance – Tracking status of leases and insurance policies; maintaining communication with tenants, vendors and other professionals.
  • Coordination of Repairs and Maintenance – Assisting in soliciting bids and negotiating contracts for janitorial, groundskeeping, trash removal and other services; monitoring performance of contracts and resolve any tenants issues; coordinating and inspect all repair work outlined in leases.
  • Budgeting and Financial Reporting – Preparing financial statements by property and by owner; preparing of other financial reports such as CAM reconciliations and cash flow projections.